Advertorial Policy

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What are Advertorials?

There are sponsored articles, in which I share my experience with a product and for which I am paid.


Are adverts actually commercials?

Somewhat. They represent my experience with that product. If the product is good, then for sure, my article will advertise it, but if there are minuses, they will be definitely mentioned. In short, my advertorials are sincere advertisements. I present my experience and my real opinion about the product.


Why do I also write Advertorials?

For two reasons: the first is financial, because that's how I can support some of the costs of the blog, and the second reason is that, in itself, I don't think ads are bad.  I think there are many products that really make our lives easier and about which we could not find out otherwise. And if the ad is sincere and true, and the product is really good, I think it's a win-win for me and my blog readers. Also, in the advertorials on Little Corner Of Joy, you will find something you can't find on TV, that is, the disadvantages of the product, if they exist and I intersected with them in my experience with that product. If you are a loyal reader of the blog you know that I am very sincere (sometimes too sincere) in what I write and I will do everything in my power to make the blog an oasis of authenticity in today's aggressive marketing world.


How are advertorials useful?

They help readers learn about great products, which make their lives easier and more comfortable,and are a real and sincere experience with those products. 

For business companies they are helpful in the short term, by the fact that people find out about their products and possibly order them, but also in the long run, an advertorial is useful for SEO, because the mentions on trusted sites raise the business page in Google's top.

I have advertorials that are found on a daily basis by readers on Google, even after months and especially years after I wrote them (here the passage of time is helpful, because if the blog grows, the visibility of advertorials increases and if they are indexed for some time by Google, they will just easily climb to the top of searches).


How can you publish an advertorial on Little Corner Of Joy?

If you have your own business or want to promote one or more products, through my blog, write me an email at and we can discuss the details of the collaboration. I try to be flexible and creative in the promotions I make, the only constant being that I do not compromise on exposing my real opinion about the products.


All my sponsored articles are marked as such (you will find the "Advertorial" label at the end of each sponsored article) and you can find and read them in the Advertorial category.