About me

Hi! I am Geanina Cleciu. I live in Bucharest, Romania, and I have two beautiful little girls, Iunia and Arielle.

The blog started as a passion in the second year of college. I wanted to create a beautiful corner of the world, as I think the world will be, one day. A place to help each other, a place full of empathy, a place where good triumphs over bad, and from which everyone will leave informed and encouraged.


Later, I became a mother and this has determined me to think even more seriously about what I believe in, what my core values ​​are, what I want to pass on and how I want to raise my children.


So, here you will find a blog (for parents and not only) that encourages the good in people, you will find activities for children and tips for moms and dads, seen through my eyes and written for you. I believe in God and it shapes my life and my world perception. All my articles carry this filter, through which I see life and world.


I realized that I could not change the world as I would like, that I could not eliminate injustice, wickedness and horrors of humanity, but I could build a corner, a piece of the world, from which good people to "taste", to be infected and pass on. This is my "Little Corner Of Joy".