Data privacy policy

The website collects data from its users in three ways, namely:

1. Through cookies

2. Directly from the user, by filling in the newsletter subscription form and through the contact form.

3. Through the information provided by the external traffic monitoring program, Google Analytics.

The data collected from the user are:

- Name, email address, for the newsletter.

- Name and email address for the contact form.

- Cookies: IP, the operating system used, as well as the browser and the type of device used to browse the site.

To subscribe to the newsletter, I ask for your email address so that I can notify you of new articles and other relevant information. The name is needed to match the email address with a person and personalize the messages. will never disclose, sell or provide to third parties the data in this database and I will make sure by all means available to me that this information is secure. To send the newsletter and to manage the email database, I use the Wix Shoutout service. For more information, see the Wix Shoutout Terms of Service and the Wix Privacy Policy .

In the case of the contact form, the data will only be used to contact the user and nothing else.

If you want your data to be deleted from the database, you can do so at any time by requesting an email to to delete it. Within a maximum of 30 days from the date of the request, your data will be deleted from the database and you will be notified accordingly.